It’s a New Dawn…the Inspiration

I’m excited to kick off this inaugural blog entry by posting my inspiration to taking a fresh approach to life.

I have been a fan of Michael Bublé for some time now, but I finally had the opportunity to see him live on my birthday this past March 28th (a nice birthday gift from my sister). My experience that evening changed something in me – though I’m sure exactly how or what exactly.  All of a sudden I was hearing the music differently – it spoke to my heart and I felt lighter and more alive.

I had developed over the past several years, an obsession of sorts with politics and current events, listening to hours and hours of talk radio each day and reading countless blogs and news sites.  It was bringing me down more than I ever imagined.  For so long the need to be informed took priority over what was really good for me.  When it comes to politics – a little can go a long way, and I had been on overload.

I didn’t see a direct connection at the time, but the day after seeing Michael Bublé – I decided to take a break from talk radio and to significantly cut back on the time I spent reading political blogs and commentary.  I replaced that with all Michael Bublé music – would have played it 24/7 if I could.  I loaded up my ipod with hours and hours worth of MB playlists and replaced talking heads with sexy Bublé.  Whether at work, at home, or in my car, this change felt like a continuous renewal of my soul.

I’ve done a lot of things over the past several months that I haven’t done in years, I reached out to others who loved MB as much as I did and formed some wonderful new friendships.

While this is not a blog about Michael Bublé specifically, I have the feeling there were be significant space devoted to him anyway.  I AM starting this blog to explore the renewed spirit of my creative side and to figure out and then celebrate who I am.  I have no idea at this point what form my posts will take – whether shorter and more frequent, or less often but deep and insightful.  I give myself permission right now to do whatever I feel like doing and not attempt in any way to “perfect” the blog.

So, thank you Michael Bublé for being my inspiration.  There’s a possibility that it’s a fluke, but everything happens for a reason and I feel there was a significance connection between seeing you on my birthday and the immediate changes I felt.

So . . . ONWARD . . .


2 Comments to “It’s a New Dawn…the Inspiration”

  1. Jenn,
    I TOTALLY love your blog and your movement is an inspiration to me. I also TOTALLY understand how music can inspire and move us. For me when going through one of the toughest times of my life, it was Janet Jackson and her Control followed by Rythm Nation albums. (Is it any wonder why my daughter also so loves Janet’s music? I sang it to her and danced around all the time!) Perhpas it’s time to bring inspiring music/songs back into my life. I know that I’ve made the comment not long ago that I’d like to bring more gospel music into my life because it continuously lifts me, not to mention puts my focus back where I think is good for me.
    Again, thank you for your friendship and for your inspiration!!!

  2. Love the blog
    Seems Mr. has a nice singing voice.
    Love the baby
    Someone else should take a hint from Mrs. & stay out of sight more often LOL

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